Must try foods in Jakarta. Inside information

With these inside information articles,  we will share information from locals who actually live there. Enjoy reading. This first topic is must try foods in Jakarta.

Hello, travellers. I am Widya, a Chinese Indonesian. Allow me to share some of my eating experiences in Jakarta. My taste buds are very reliable since my mum is a great cook. So you can count on me when I tell you that these dishes do taste oh-so-good. They are not numbered based on order since I love all of these almost equally, according to the mood of the day of course. I will also include my Recommended Spot (RS) but feel free to try any other places which are nearer to your itineraries of that day.

Most Indonesian food is very rich in spices and some of these are even quite oily. Also, most of them are eaten with “sambal” (chilli paste). So please mind your diet or allergies if you have any. I will try to describe them but you must still check with the restaurant or food stall if the food contains anything that you can’t eat. Oh and please choose to drink warm unsweetened tea after each meal instead of cold soda or anything sweet. After all, your safety and health are the most important things in the whole wide world. Bring your meds anyways, just in case. Let’s begin.


A spicy beef dish served in Padang restaurants. This dish is very rich in spices and contains coconut milk.

Must try foods in Jakarta


Restaurants: Restoran Padang Sederhana, Restoran Pagi Sore, basically all Padang restaurants serve good rendang. But you should definitely also try other menus while you’re there.


Ribs with tasty sour soup. The sour and fresh taste is produced from small sour star fruit and green tomatoes. This meal is my favourite.

Must try foods in Jakarta


Restaurants: Warung Tekko is the only place I go to for this dish.


Squeezed fried beef ribs served with chilli shrimp paste in a mortar. Ask for a less spicy or separated chilli paste if you’re not a spicy fan.

Must try foods in Jakarta


Restaurants: Warung Bu Kris, Warung Tekko, Warung Leko, and pretty much most restaurants/taverns specialising in ribs.


Made of slices of fried or barbequed beef tail, served in vegetable clear soup with tasty beef broth. The veggies inside are tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, leek, celery, shallots. The fried version means the beef tail is served separately from the soup. Add some lime to your soup. It’s invigorating.

Must try foods in Jakarta


Restaurants: Bogor Café, but any number of great restaurants serve good oxtail soup.


Small cubes beef satay served with spicy sauce on top. Normally eaten with rice cake (lontong).

Must try foods Jakarta


Restaurants: Sate Mak Syukur is the only one I can handle since the others are too spicy for me, so do feel free to try other spots.


White rice mixed with portions of pork, chicken, egg and salted veggie served with gravy soup. Although some restaurants don’t serve the gravy.

Must try foods in Jakarta


Restaurants: NASI CAMPUR ALU is my only recommendation for this mixed pork rice but if it’s too far, check out other spots nearest to your hotel. Told you I was picky.


Basically a super tasty yet unhealthy milky buttery mutton leg soup. Ingredients, of course, are a mutton leg, offal, milk, ghee (clarified butter), spices. Squeeze at least half a lime to most soupy dish is my trick. Please mind your blood pressure, and do not eat Durian afterwards.

Must try foods Jakarta


Restaurants: TIGA SAUDARA is my go-to-spot, but try any other spot nearest to your hotel.


Meatballs in clear soup served with noodle or rice vermicelli. Add soy sauce, some lime and you’re good to go.

Must try foods in Jakarta


Restaurants: BASO AFUNG, BAKWAN TEE BOX, BAKSO KOTA CAK MAN, almost all bakso outlets can get it right. It’s also considered street food.


This fried chicken is arguably the best-fried chicken in town. It’s covered in “kremes” which is a sticky salty crunch and the “sambal” (chilli paste) is so good.

Must try foods in Jakarta



Must try foods in Jakarta

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