About Mundooz

What is Mundooz?

Mundooz is a European based company that offers an international online platform with unique trips, activities organized by local guides. All our tours are private and 100% customizable. By booking these trips you will be able to explore the country in a unique way, explore sites not often visited by tourists and you support the local economy. Mundooz carefully select the guides, so we can make sure your holiday will be an unforgettable experience.

Team Mundooz

How does it work?

Search for a trip or activity in the country you are traveling to or get inspired by Mundooz team.
Feeling overwhelmed? Use the filters to narrow your search. Filter by country, region or activity within the selected period. Use all the tools at your disposal to find your perfect trip.

Select the trip/activity you like to book.

Book the trip of your choice. Provide your details.

When the payment is successful, you will receive:

  • Your booking confirmation
  • An invoice
  • The details of your itinerary

If you would like to create your own trip just click on “Customised tour” and we will help you to make your dreams come true.

Why did we start Mundooz

During our many travels, we always enjoyed the contact with locals. We always try to stay at local families. We believe that you can only get in touch with local culture and habits if you have contact with locals. In many organized tours from big travel agencies, the traveler doesn’t really have the possibility to get in contact or interact with locals. In today’s world, the sharing economy has become a hot topic. Mundooz wants to be part of this sharing economy by combining the strengths of the locals and bring them in touch with people worldwide.

Many travelers are looking for that one unique and authentic experience while traveling. Many are also interested in getting in touch with local people. These encounters will always create the best memories of their journey. Mundooz embraces this way of traveling and wants to build a bridge between the locals and the travelers.

With Mundooz, we want to create value for both the local and the traveler in a simple and sustainable way.

In which countries does Mundooz offer activities?

Mundooz started in Indonesia. Now we also offer activities in other Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, India. Mundooz will expand its operations to other countries, but the primary focus of our service is quality travel, so we will only expand if we can guarantee the necessary quality of services to our customers.

How do I know if a local can be trusted?

Mundooz works with a network of local persons, Mundooz promoters who will verify the references and experiences of the guides. Often they know these guides personally and the can assist the local guides in offering the best service and experience for the Mundooz travelers.

a. References

We ask every guide for references and experiences. If possible we work with licensed guides. You will be able to verify all this information on the guide’s profile which is visible at the description page of the trip, activity.

b. Quality check

Mundooz always verifies information such as name, address, social profiles, phone number, payment details and description of experience of the guides.

c. Frequent contact

Mundooz keeps frequently contact with the locals by phone, email and social media.

d. Review system

With the Mundooz review system you will be able to verify previous experiences of other travelers. In order to continuously improve our services Mundooz will remove guides from the platform in case we receive justified complaints from travelers. When a traveler has a justified complaint about a guide Mundooz will compensate the traveler accordingly the complaint.

What kind of trips, activities can I book?

Mundooz offers the following trips, activities:


Mundooz offers different kinds of experiences. We offer activities like mountain climbing, four-wheel driving, paragliding, diving, snorkeling,  rafting, mountain biking, etc. In every case the difficulty, needed experience, age, etc. will be described in the trip description. All the Mundooz guides have a lot of expertise in the adventure they offer and make sure your safety always comes at the first place.


Join on a trip to explore local culture sites. Your guide will provide you insight into the cultural heritage and will take you to places not often visited by tourists.


Mundooz offers different kinds of trekking and tours. It can be a guided city tour showing you the hidden gems of a city, or it can be a day trip to a particular viewpoint, cultural site, and even a jungle trekking. Mundooz also offers multiple day trips of the beaten track like climbing active volcanoes, jungle trekking, diving, biking, etc. Depending on the location you will stay with locals or hotels or sometimes camp to offer you the possibility to discover places and experience local life and nature in a way you won’t be able to do on your own.


What languages does the guides speak?

Ofcourse they speak the local language and Mundooz demands them to speak at least enough English to be able to communicate with the travelers. In some cases the guides will also speak other languages like French, Dutch, German, Chinese, … Please consult the guides profile to check which languages he speaks.

Are there any booking fees applicable

The prices you see on the Mundooz platform is always included our booking fee. No other costs will be charged to you. There are no hidden costs. No extra banking costs. We follow the WYSIWYG principle. What You See Is What You Get.

In every trip it’s clearly mentioned what’s included in the price and what’s excluded

What payment methods do you offer?

For the payment of the online deposit Mundooz offers several payment methods.

1. Major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards: Visa, MasterCard

2. Debit cards

How can I get in contact with a local?

As soon as your booking is confirmed which will be within 24 hours after your booking request you will receive your itinerary by email. This itinerary will contain the telephone number and email address of your guide.

Alterations & cancellations

Can I cancel my booking and do I receive a refund?
You can cancel a confirmed booking up to 30 days to the moment of the activity. When you cancel the confirmed booking the full amount will be refunded. To cancel a booking you have to sent a mail to The time stamp of the cancellation mail will count to determine the exact moment of cancellation.

When cancellation is sent less than 30 days prior to 12:00 am local time of the trip, activity no refund of the paid amount will take place.

PS: This cancellation policy is only applicable for trips offered on the website and is not applicable for customised tours



How do I alter a booking?

The only alteration Mundooz allows is the change of date of the same trip. This is only possible if the trip, activity is available on multiple days. You cannot alter between different trips. A change of dates can only up to 7 days of the start of the trip. If you want to alter between trips you have to cancel the first trip according the cancellation procedure and book another trip.

Will I get my money back if a guide cancels a trip or doesn’t show up?

In case the local cancels the booking or doesn’t show up the total amount paid will be refunded including the booking fee. If the guide doesn’t show up you have to contact the guide first and inform Mundooz immediately, so we can contact the guide. If Mundooz isn’t contacted when the guide doesn’t show up, no refund will be granted.

Once you receive notification that you’ll be receiving a refund, it takes 5-7 business days to be reflected on your statement after which we process them. Some refunds issued to international credit cards occasionally take up to 30 days to be reflected. Refunds issued to PayPal accounts occur within 24 hours.

Become a guide

How can I join Mundooz as a local guide?
We are very happy to hear that you are interested in joining Mundooz.


Go to  become a guide and provide us all the necessary information.

We will get in touch with you.

In which countries can I offer an activity?

Mundooz started with offering activities in Indonesia. Now we will extend our activities with India, Nepal, Buthan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.