Pergasingan Hill, an alternative for the Rinjani climb

Pergasingan Hill with its  1700 meters which height above sea level, this park is located on a hill north of the Sembalun village a, is a great alternative for the Rinjani climb.  Pergasingan taken from the word Gasing and the top of the hill have a history that this hill was once used to match a top game by residents Sembalun.

Pergasingan Hill, an alternative for the Rinjani climb

And has now become a Natural Park Pergasingan hill has many tourists visited by local and international because the location is very interesting and incredible scenery can be enjoyed in this mountain, ranging from camping ground, the beauty of the sunrise and sunset and are no longer overlooked stretch of frosting colors paddy fields and colorful villages will always be remembered Sembalun brain back in the visitors.

Pergasingan Hill


Some visitors use this place as a training before climbing Mount Rinjani even now this hill has been in use as a start for Extreme sports such as paragliding, mountain bikes and other, besides Pergasingan hill called the paradise of photographers because in these hills can all enjoy ..!
60% of visitors who come to these hills are high school students and college students who take advantage of the weekend to relieve boredom in the city, in the hills because it is the only one who answered the sense of boredom in the city, besides the students also take advantage of this hill as a place of learning about the true nature, because in Pergasingan hill visitors can find thousands of species of flora and fauna, and it all functions for humans and the natural surroundings ..!


An alternative for the Rinjani climb: Pergasingan Hill