Guides FAQ’s

What do I need to become a local guide?

Everyone who can provide a trip/activity that creates a wonderful experience for the traveler can be a guide.

Every kind of activity is possible. A trekking trip, a biking tour, a cultural tour, a cooking class, a tour around your city or local village, a photographic tour, a diving or snorkeling trip…

We will help you setting up your activity/trip and guide you in any possible way

How does it work if I receive a request from a traveler through

If a traveler wants to book an activity/trip with you, you will receive a request by mail. If you agree with the booking request then you accept the booking and the booking is confirmed.

If you can’t accept the booking you can decline the request or you can contact the traveler through Mundooz to propose an alternative date. If you agree on the request the booking is confirmed. A confirmation of the booking needs to be done within 24 hours of the booking request. If a booking request is not confirmed within the timeframe of 24 hours the booking request is automatically declined

How can I sign up as a guide and create my first trip?

Signing up as a guide is very easy and it’s completely free. First thing you have to do is go to our website and register as a guide. Once you’re signed up Mundooz will contact you and help you with setting up your first trip.

After your registration you can create your first activity/ trip on our website. Mundooz will provide you a template with all the information we need to put your trip, activity on our website. After we receive your description and it’s reviewed and approved by the Mundooz team your trip, activity is published on the Mundooz platform.

If you need any assistance on creating your trip, don’t hesitate to contact Mundooz or your local promoter.

How can the promoters of Mundooz help me?

The Mundooz promoters are a team of local partners of Mundooz who can help you offering your trips / activities. They can help you with the descriptions, translations and take nice pictures to promote your trip/activity.

In case you have any questions about Mundooz, you can always contact your promoter or Mundooz helpdesk who will help you in any possible way.

Do I have to pay a fee?

Placing trips/activities on the Mundooz platform is completely free. Mundooz will NEVER charge a commission to the guides. Mundooz asks a administration booking fee of 20 % to the travelers on top of the price defined by the guides. This booking fee is used to keep the site online and promote our platform.

What kind of trip/activity/experience can I offer?

As Mundooz is an open platform we don’t set any limits on the type of activity, trip or experience you can offer as long as the event is not in contradiction with the ethical rules of Mundooz. You can offer adventure trips, cultural activities, workshops, a shooting with a professional photographer, city tours etc.

In case you have any doubts please contact

Can I offer my trips/activities on other platforms and websites?

Mundooz wants to build a good business relationships with their guides and offer them good services and secure payments, but Mundooz will never ask an exclusive right on the activities, trips you provide.

We believe that in offering you a great service and sales the need for promoting on other websites and platform will become obsolete

Do I need to be a professional tour guide?

Mundooz is an open platform , so any local that offers a great activity, trip, experience for the traveler can post on Mundooz. So need at all to be a professional tour guide. If you have a license you can mention it on your profile page. Please be aware that in some regions you have to be a licensed guide. Contact you local authorities for more information. It’s the responsibility of the guide to comply with local rules according being a guide.

How do I get in contact with travelers?

When you list your trips/activities on the website, travelers can contact you via our contact pages about questions they might have concerning the trip, meeting point, availability etc.

When a booking is confirmed you will receive the contact details of the travelers and the traveler will receive your contact details as well.

How do I define the right price for my experience?

Mundooz supports the local economy and wants the guides to receive a fair price for their effort in providing quality services to the travelers. Bear in mind that this is an open market place and other guides in your neighborhood might offer similar activities and trips. Our promoters can help you in defining the right price for your event.

If you set a certain price, the price shown on the website will be your price inclusive the 20% booking fee.

Can I modify the price of a trip?

As long as no booking is made you are free to determine the price. Once a booking is made the price can’t be changed for the persons who booked. Any increase in price will only be valid for future bookings. To modify the price of a trip contact Mundooz.

What should I include in the description of my activity?

If you provide all the information according our template the traveler has a clear view on the trip, activity you offer. Keep in mind that the description together with your pictures has to convince the traveler to book your activity.

Before an activity is published on the website the Mundooz will review your description and assist you in making a clear and appealing text.

I signed up as a Guide, but can I have someone else perform as a Guide in my place?

For each trip, activity we add a profile of the guide. In case another guide will be appointed, you have to inform the travelers that booked about the changing of the guide. Any new guide must have the same language skills as the original guide.

I do not live in Indonesia or Malaysia. Can I join as a Guide?

For the time being, Mundooz only provides activities in Indonesia and Malaysia. If you have interesting ideas to create trips outside Indonesia or Malaysia feel free to contact Mundooz via and we will investigate your offer.

What kind of photos are needed?

Pictures are a great way to promote your activity or trip. Pictures should give the traveler a view of what they will experience on the trip, activity. If you have already pictures you can add them together with your trip description. If you don’t have pictures, you can contact Mundooz and we will arrange a meeting with a Mundooz promoter who can help you taking great pictures of your activity or trip.

What are the do’s and don’ts for pictures on the platform?

All pictures posted on the website must have a minimum resolution of 1024 x 683px. This conversion table will help you in selecting the right pictures. If you set your camera’s default to High or Medium photo your photo’s will fulfill the minimum requirements. Always take pictures in a horizontal format.

Don’t use borders on your photos

Mundooz doesn’t allow borders on any of your photos.

MundooZ Watermark policy

Watermarks are only allowed for ownership and attribution, but not for marketing information, like external websites. Your watermark cannot be bigger than 5% of the total image area, have an opacity of no more than 50%, and never obscure the item. Links are not allowed in watermarks.

No text or artwork on photos

MundooZ doesn’t allow text or artwork added to photos. Information that is essential to your listing should be placed in the title, subtitle, or item description.

Ownership of pictures

If you post pictures on the platform you must own the rights on the pictures. You are not allowed to post pictures from someone else without the proper authorization. Non-authorized pictures will be removed from the website.

How will I receive my payments for my trips/activities?

All our guides will be paid by a transfer to the local account of the guide by default. If you want to be paid in a different way, please contact Mundooz.

When do I get paid?

At the start of the trip / activity, each traveler will give you a voucher. This voucher is the proof the traveler paid for his booking and is entitled to participate in your activity. As a guide you have to mail the code to or sent it by text message. After Mundooz receives the code the payment to your account will be executed after 24 hours. Mundooz guarantees your payments if we received the voucher code and no complaint is made by the traveler within 24 hours after the start of the trip.

Do I have to pay taxes on my earnings?

You are subjected to the tax laws of your country. So as a guide it’s your own responsibility to be in order with the applicable laws of your country. Applicable taxes in your country can range from VAT, surcharges, sales taxes, goods and services taxes or personal or corporate income taxes.

Will I get paid if a traveler cancels or doesn’t show up?

If a traveler cancels his booking conform our cancellation policy you will not receive the money for your event.

When a traveler cancels the booked event you will be informed by mail or text message.

If the traveler doesn’t show up, Mundooz recommends to contact the traveler first. Travelers are in in foreign country and might have difficulties reaching the meeting point in time.

If you can’t reach the traveler and the traveler doesn’t show up you will receive full payment of your trip according our no show policy.

Can I offer a trip/activity only in weekends?

A guide is free to offer an event on the dates and times of his choice. There are no obligations according time and frequency of offering events.

Can I reject bookings?

Before a booking is confirmed you will always receive a booking request first.

When you receive a booking request you can accept or decline the request. Mundooz only asks you to motivate the decline of a booking request.

Can I cancel a booked event?

We at Mundooz understand that under certain conditions a guide is obligated to cancel an event that already has certain bookings. If this is the case immediately contact so we can offer the traveler an alternative trip, activity or refund the traveler. If a guide cancels a trip without a motivated reason Mundooz administration has the right to remove the events and the profile of that guide from our website.

How can I receive more bookings?

Different factors influences the number of booking requests you will receive.

  • Reviews: Travelers will read the reviews of a trip, activity. The more reviews you get the more bookings you will receive. We encourage you to always demand the travelers to leave a review on the website
  • Price: You are not the only one who’s offering events in your neighbourhood. Try to set a competitive price.
  • Availability: Try to make your event available on as many dates and times possible
  • Pictures: Great pictures increase sales. Pay enough attention to post quality appealing pictures to the traveler.
  • Description: The description should be appealing for the traveler. Make sure to emphasis the advantages of your event. The Mundooz team will help you in describing good descriptions.

How does the review system work?

Reviews are very important for the travelers and the guides. For travelers it’s an important parameter for booking an event. Also for a guide a review of a traveler is an important factor to accept or decline a booking request.

Will I be notified when my offer is booked?

When you accepted a booking request you will receive a mail by Mundooz with all the contact information of the traveler and the details of the booking.

How do I know if a traveler can be trusted?

Mundooz is an open marketplace where travelers and guides meet. When you receive a booking request you can verify the profile of the traveler. You can also check the reviews of travelers.

Mundooz can only verify the payments of a traveler and can’t verify if a traveler can be trusted. A guide is always free to accept or decline a booking request.

What happens if I have a bad experience with a traveler?

If you have a bad experience with a traveler we request you to take contact with Mundooz. Mundooz will try to resolve any possible issue. In any case you will receive the money of the event you organized.

Why do I need to give you my contact details such as address,phone number and bank account?

Mundooz needs to be able to contact you for verification and in case an issue occurs. According to our policy your data will only be used by Mundooz and will never be shared with other companies for commercial use. When a booking is confirmed your contact data will be sent to the traveler what enables him to take contact with you about the event he booked.

Mundooz also needs your bank account in order to be able to pay you for the trips that have taken place.

Are there any legal restrictions?

It’s the responsibility of the guide to verify if there are any legal restrictions according laws and insurances for the event he’s offering.