Travelers FAQ’s



How can I get in contact with a Guide?

You can contact the guide via the contact button on an event page.

How do I get to the meeting point of an event?

There are two possibilities. Or you are picked up at your hotel by the guide or you have to go to a certain meeting point for the event. This is described in the detailed description of the activity, trip.

14 days cooling off period

According the Belgian law (WER Boek VI art 53, 12°) there is no 14 days cooling off period for travels booked on internet. For cancellations of your bookings we refer to the rules defined in our terms @ conditions.

What do I get with a specific event?

For each event, trip or activity you will find a detailed description on the event page. On this page you will find the highlights and detailed description of every part of the event.

On the event page are also special topics about what is included and excluded in the event.

In some cases there might be a special note about an alternative program. In certain cases weather or other conditions can be the reason why a certain part of a trip can’t take place. Because your safety is our primary concern we provide alternative programs if certain conditions occur that makes it impossible to organize the original program. In case the program is changed due security reasons the traveler can’t request a refund.

In what language do I need to communicate? Does the Guide speak English?

All the guides are expected to be able to communicate in English. On the other hand the level of English can be different from guide to guide. Sometimes the guides also speak other languages. On the profile page of the guide is mentioned which languages your guide speaks.

On the event page the exact location of the event isn’t mentioned, how do I know where to go?

On the event page you will only see an approximate location. Once you make a booking you will receive all the detailed information.

Why are the contact details of a Guide hidden on the website?

We respect both the privacy of the traveler and the guide. Once a booking is made your will receive all the contact details of the guide.

How does the review system work?

What’s the difference between a private and group experience?

For each trip, activity the minimum and maximum number of participants is mentioned. If you want a private experience please contact Mundooz. In case of a private experience the price of an trip can be higher then the original price mentioned on the website.

If you want to book as a group, please contact Mundooz. For groupbookings price reductions are possible. Mundooz will negotiate with the guide to offer you better prices in case of a group booking.

How does it work

Do I need to signup on

Feel free to browse our website without having to sign up. If you wish you can sign up for our newsletter at newsletter subscription. This newsletter contains a lot of valuable travel information and new posted trips.

Even when you want to make a booking, signup at is not mandatory. When you make a booking more detailed information like name, address, contact address, a phone number will be asked.

Mundooz also offers you the possibility to enter the contact data of someone we can contact in case of an emergency.

Are there any booking fees applicable?

The price you see on the website is the price you pay. No extra or hidden costs.

For our services towards the traveler and for maintaining and promoting this platform we charge an extra fee on the original price of the guide.

But for the traveler we follow the WYSIWYG principle. (What You See Is What You Get). No hidden costs, No extra bank charges.

How does Mundooz earn money?

Mundooz is an open platform where local guides and travelers get in contact. Mundooz goal is to support the local economy. In supporting the local economy we enable the growth of local jobs. We also want the local guides to receive a fair price for their effort to deliver quality events for the travelers.

Mundooz charges a 20 % surplus on the price asked by the local guides for the following reasons:

  1. For the promotions of the platform, the guides and their events.
    b. To administer the payments from the traveler to local hosts in a safe and secure way.
    c. To guarantee that both host and traveler get a refund in case of a ‘no show’ or other issues.
    d. To support our promoters who will visit the local guides and support them in delivering quality events.
    e. To deliver a quality service for both the traveler as the guides.

In which countries can I book experiences?

Mundooz believes that having a lot of activities, trips in one country is better then having a few in a lot of countries. By doing so we can offer also better services for our travelers.

This means that in the beginning Mundooz will focus on Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, North-India, Bhutan and Nepal. In the future other countries will become available.


When do I need to make the payment?

The payment is always made upfront no matter when the event takes place. A payment is made when a booking request is made and executed when the trip is confirmed.

Who do I pay when I make a booking?

You always pay the full amount to Mundooz by paypal or credit card. When you sent a booking request you enter your payment details in a secured way. Your account will be blocked for the amount of the event but the amount will only be withdrawn from your account if the booking is confirmed. If a booking is declined the amount is released again.

Mundooz pays the local guides after 24 hours that the event has started. A traveler never have to pay a guide locally. In case of a problem the guide and the traveler have 24 hours after the start of the trip to contact Mundooz.

What payment methods do you offer?

For the payment of the online deposit Mundooz offers several payment methods.

  1. Major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards: Visa, MasterCard
  2. PayPal

Can I cancel my booking as a traveler and do I receive a refund?

Up to 7 days before a booked experience is due to take place you can cancel your booking and we will refund the initial payment made exclusive the booking fee of Mundooz. If you cancel your booking within 7 days of the experience date or if you don’t show up at all, you are not eligible for a refund.

Safety and trust

How do I know if a Guide can be trusted?

Although is an open platform and market place we incorporated different measures to make Mundooz experience a safe and trustworthy experience.

Verification of the guide

When a guide creates a profile on we investigate the trustworthiness of the guide. We will verify all his contact details and his history in guiding.

Visit and check by a Mundooz promoter

Every guide will receive a visit from a promoter of Mundooz or from someone from the Mundooz headquarters. The promoter will explain the guide how the Mundooz platform works and will check the location, description etc. The promoter will also help the guide in creating a quality experience for the traveler. If a guide is verified they will get a special symbol (verified by Mundooz) on their profile page.


On the MundooZ platform both guide and traveler can leave a review after an event has taken place. This review can help you deciding if you want to book a certain event.

What happens if I have troubles with a guide during an event?

The quality of your holiday and experience is very important for Mundooz. In case of troubles with a guide please take immediately contact with Mundooz. We will try to solve the problem and if we can’t solve the problem to your satisfaction we will refund your event completely if the complaint justified

Will I get my money back if a Guide cancels or doesn’t show up?

If a guide cancels the event Mundooz will propose a different event or a different date of the same event. If you don’t agree with the alternative you will get a complete refund of your booking inclusive the Mundooz booking fee.

If a guide cancels you will informed by mail or by text message.

If a guide doesn’t show up we recommend to contact the guide first. In some big cities traffic can cause a certain delays. If you can’t contact the guide and he doesn’t show up, you have to contact the Mundooz helpdesk. Mundooz guarantees you a complete refund of your event in case the guide doesn’t show up.